Sometimes, reputations are the absolute worst. Yes, you gave the ammunition for people to make these assumptions about you which create certain reputations; the worst part is when you have changed/want to change and no one will believe you because they have no reason to based on prior habits. It’s so frustrating. You wanna understand, but if they want change so badly, why not just have a little faith and trust. Trust. Definitely not an easy word to put into action; especially after being broken so many times. You can’t have a successful relationship without it though. So, I sit here now asking you all what to do next. I mean, you can hope in one hand and shit in another and we know which one will fill up faster. I’m at a loss. Sighs. Gonna call it a night and sleep on it and wish it to magically fix itself tomorrow. While I’m making ridiculous wishes, I wish to be debt free. Night.


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