Give her the love she needs, not just what you feel is acceptable.

She needs more from you. You may not understand why she is the way she is; she will forever be a mystery. However, if she gives you all of the tools needed to make her feel loved, use them. She isn’t like this because of you; it’s just who she is. You may see it as needy but we all love differently. You see love as providing for her financially and being there with your presence, but that isn’t the love that she desires. She can pay her own bills. What she craves is affection. A hug when you see her for the first time in a day, holding hands while you walk together, pulling her close to you in the shower just to feel your naked bodies on each other, a kiss at the end of the night before turning over to sleep; this is how love is shown to her. No relationship mimics another, they are all different. Do not make her feel crazy for feeling the way that she does. It is who she is and she will not stray from it. She loves with all that is in her. Just know that you hold you heart in the palm of her hand and can control her every emotion with as little as a look in her direction. Love her, accept her, cherish her, adapt for her. It may not be easy, but I guarantee you she is more that worth it.


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